Our Pug Dog Collection

All Pendants Come Complete with 16” Jewelry Grade Stainless or Antiqued Brass Ball Chains
Sterling Silver Chain Sold Separately
Black Cords with Sterling Clasp Sold Separately


This Pug Pin Head Study is so versatile because it can be worn by anyone, and pinned on any top, sweater, scarf, hoodie, tie or hat…of course you have to love a Pug.

Available in Sterling or Jeweler’s Brass
The size of the Pug head is 7/8”
The back of the pin has an easy, matching Pin & Clutch closure depending on which metal you choose
You can match the metal color of the Pug Pin to the other jewelry you or wearing or the hardware (zipper or buttons) to whatever you are wearing

Upon Request – I can make any Pug Pendant into a Pug Pin. Contact me for info.

Deborah’s comments about the Jeweler’s Brass Tie Tac she gave to her husband as a gift.

“Could not wait until tomorrow for Steve to see it. It’s beautiful and he loves it!!!
Thank you, thank you and thank you.”

Deborah W - Toms River, NJ

This is what Shirley had to say about the Pug Pin in Sterling. She shows her beautiful Pugs in Conformation Competition.

…we are thrilled with the pin. It’s gorgeous. What a beautiful box for it. It will be treasured forever….😊”

Shirley F. - Cambridge, WI


Pug people love showing off their Pugs in style, and what better way to show how much we love our Pugs but with a fine piece of statement jewelry. If you are on this page, you must be one of those people, and I know you are going to absolutely love this exquisite Pug Statement Bracelet.

The Pug Oval Center Focal Piece is a considerable 1 3/4”
The Hand-Woven chain will fit 7-7 1/2 wrist, but I can make it in any size you need
Sterling Lobster Claw Closure


I love Pugs! That squishy face and curly corkscrew tail are way too adorable to resist. This Silver Pug Pendant started by hand carving and kiln firing the Pug from Precious Metal Clay, and then working and shaping the Sterling raw materials to complete the entire pendant. The Pug Head sits comfortably on an oval background of square wire which is beautifully framed with a delicate sterling silver twist.

Pendant Size – 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 (including the bail). Bail – Large enough to accommodate most chains. Sterling Chain or Black Cord with Sterling Clasp Sold Separately

Sterling Rounded Box Chain or Black Cotton Cord


For those who love Pugs and pendants in a slightly smaller style, this Pug head study starts out just as the larger Pug Pendant on the Oval Background. This very detailed Pug Head sits comfortably on a circular background beautifully framed with a sterling silver twist.

Pendant Size – 1 1/4” in diameter (1 5/8” top to bottom including the bail) The bail is large enough to accommodate most chains.
Sterling Chain or Black Cord with Sterling Clasp Sold Separately

Sterling Rounded Box Chain or Black Cotton Cord


If you have ever seen a Black Pug or have one in your family, you will know why we are in love with them as much as the fawn variety. Their shiny black coats, the curly, furry tails and those round, deep jet black eyes will steal your heart. I had no choice but to add Black Pug Pendants to my Pug Dog Collection.

The Black Pugs are entirely made in Solid Sterling Silver. A baked on black coating and sealant are over the Sterling Silver for the Pug Head.

Pendant Size – 1 1/4” in diameter (1 5/8” top to bottom including the bail) The bail is large enough to accommodate most chains.
Sterling Chain or Black Cord with Sterling Clasp Sold Separately

Sterling Rounded Box Chain or Black Cotton Cord


This Black Pug is entirely made in Solid Jewelry Grade Brass. My Jewelry Grade Brass always has the warm look of 18 Kt. Yellow Gold. Three separate coats of black enamel is carefully applied and baked onto the Pug Head. Two coats of sealant are then applied and baked on the Pug Head to finish the process.

Pendant Size – 1 1/4” in diameter (1 5/8” top to bottom including the bail) The bail is large enough to accommodate most chains.
Black Cotton Cord with Brass Clasp Sold Separately

Black Cotton Cord with Brass Clasp


This beautiful Pug Head Study starts with a hand-carving, just like the sterling silver, made with the same precious attention to detail. When you think “brass” you might think of the hardware store. This is not that brass. This is jewelry grade Brass, made of a different alloy, and this brass in particular is warm in color much resembling 18K gold.

Pendant Size – 1 1/4” in diameter (1 5/8” top to bottom including the bail). The bail is large enough to accommodate most chains.
Complete with 16” Antiqued Brass Ball Chain. 18″ Black Cotton Cord with Brass Clasp can be purchased separately .

Black Cotton Cord with Brass Clasp

Patti is the ultimate Pug Lover. She even changed her name to Patti “Puglady”Pugz…now that’s dedication! Patti has lots of pieces from my Pug collection. This photo says so much about her love of the breed by showing the Pug Bracelet in Sterling, a gift her wonderful husband gave her for Valentine’s Day.
“A special thank you to Lezlie & my husband, David S. I will definitely take care of my new pug! 💕”

Patti P.S. - Staten Island, NY

Kathleen, another Pug lover, has the cutest little Pugs. Showing her admiration for the breed, here she is wearing her Bronze Pug, which resembles the color of 18Kt. Yellow Gold. It looks lovely on Kathleen.
“Absolutely love my beautiful necklace! ❤️❤️💗💗 Every piece of jewelry made by Lezlie is made with love! It was amazing to see each step of my pug pendant being made. ❤️”

Kathleen T. - Williston, ND

“I finally became a member of the Lezlie Pug Necklace club! I just love my new Pug necklace! I’ve been wanting one for a long time. Lezlie, you work is incredibly beautiful. Thank you!”

Betty B. - Oceanview, NJ

“On Friday, I received a special parcel that I had been eagerly waiting for – a gorgeous handmade fine Sterling Silver Pug pendant designed by a lovely friend, Lezlie Dono (Lezlie Caryn Designs). 😊 I’ve always admired Lezlie’s beautiful handmade jewellery. I asked my husband, Karl if I could have this gorgeous pug pendant as a gift from him for our 24th wedding anniversary. I absolutely love it!! ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you so much, Lezlie (& Karl too 😊)! “

Yvonne Ellie Marie K. - British Columbia, Canada

Patti, Breeder of Black Pugs, decided she wanted a Jeweler’s Brass Black Pug for her famous “Pug Hat”. Already having a Sterling Pug Pin, she requested 2 matching Bow Pins to display them each of them.

“JUST ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY PUGS!! Hand crafted by my Dear Friend Lezlie. Her personal touch was AWESOME. Placed on my famous treasured Alice Austen Pug Hat.”

Patti Pugz - Staten Island, NY

Elisa is a Critical Care Specialist with the prestigious Cornell University Veterinary Specialists, and she lives with an adorable black Pug. Here she is wearing her Sterling Black Pug Pendant and Rounded Box Sterling Chain.

“I was so excited to hear about Lezlie’s handmade black pug pendants- I was one of the lucky persons to purchase this exquisite pendant. Lezlie showed each step of the process as my little pug was created, and I am
delighted with the result. The craftsmanship and artistry are beautiful, and I will wear this treasure with joy.”

Elisa M. - Stamford, CT

Surprise to Liz! Unbeknownst to Liz, her boyfriend, also a pet and pug lover, purchased a Sterling Black Pug Pendant and Chain and had it sent to her. Just look at her happy smile. Liz is wearing her pendant on a Black Cotton Cord.

“I had NO idea what he was up to! He simply sent the whole box to me. I was astounded to receive it. He was going to present it in person but decided that I’d enjoy wearing it now! He was right; it’s my go to necklace, so fitting in style for me. I have been wearing it almost every day! Makes me happy.“

Liz D. - Albany, CA

Brenda ordered a Sterling Silver Black Pug Pendant with Black Cotton Cord

“I got my pug today. It is so pretty!! Many thanks for all the hard work you do on them!“

Brenda H. - Vicksburg, MS

Mari Anne talks about her Pug Pendant with the Sterling Rounded Box Chain

“Thank you Lezlie Caryn Designs for my beautiful Pug pendant and gorgeous chain. It so much more than I expected. I just can’t wait to be able to go to a dog show to show it off. Thank you Lezlie Dono!”

Mari Anne P - Longview, WA

Patti Puglady Pugz is all about Pugs. Here is the Famous Hat she talks about in her testimonial

“Wonderful friendly service. Lezlie worked with me to make sure I was totally happy with my pendant/brooch. Beautiful addition to my famous Pug Hat!”

Patti Pugz - Staten Island, NY

“Am thrilled with my necklace and chain! Substantial silver in it, not a cheaply put together set. Love this chain too, comfortable. I couldn’t decide between 16 and 18 inches, so had Lezlie make it 17. Love it!!”

Brenda H. - Vicksburg, MS

This is a Pug Pendant that was given as a surprise gift from one special lady, Lezlee S., to another, Phyllis T.

“Wonderful pug pendant – a symbol of all that is precious in the breed. I wear it with pride, and most especially, very close to my heart.”

Phyllis T. - Temple, TX

Ronnie is showing off her Custom Pug Key Chain in Stainless Steel & Jeweler’s Brass

“I always wanted a custom creation from Lezlie and when we talked about this piece I already knew it would spark joy and I that I would love it. However, seeing it in person, having it in my hands is beyond anything I could have ever imagined it would be. This keychain is very special to me, it’s beautifully stunning and it makes me happy.”

Ronnie S. - New York, NY

Ashley is wearing the Sterling Small Circle Pug Pendant

Ashley, Pug Mom and Show Exhibitor wore this Pug Pendant at the Pug Dog Club of America National Specialty Show in Hunt Valley, MD. I am hoping it gave her luck because she came home with lots of well deserved ribbons!

Ashley F. - Wilton, CT

Alison is wearing the Sterling Silver Small Circle Pug Pendant

Absolutely love my new treasure! The craftsmanship is outstanding 🐾♥️”

Alison G. - Vancouver, WA

Rosie is wearing the Round Pug Pendant on a Circle Background in Sterling

“I am so in love with my round pug pendant from Lezlie Caryn Designs

Thank you Lezlie for making such beautiful jewelry pieces. One of your beautiful bracelets will be my next purchase.”

Rosie B. - Westport, MA