Everything you see on this page is available in All Sterling Silver or Jeweler’s Brass with Gold-Filled Hand-Woven Chain & Clasp


I hand-carved the sweet, little Pug Puppy head study with just enough delicate wrinkles for those new borns. I then lightly oxidized the recesses of those wrinkles and gave a high polish to the metal to draw one’s eye to the puppy. This Pug Puppy Charm can be added to any one of my bracelets or chains or cords. It can also be purchased on it’s own to affix to a bracelet or dangle from a chain you already have.

This Pug Puppy Charm coordinates perfectly with my new Pug Puppy Earrings, Puppy Charm Bracelet and Puppy Necklace that have just been introduced.

The Pug Puppy Charm is approx. 3/4” in Diameter


I love telling you of my challenge, thought process and inspiration for creating my work. That’s the beauty of a handmade piece, so here’s a bit of the background for these new Pug Puppy Earrings. I wanted to create a pair of earrings that had clean styling and size for everyday wear, earrings that could be seen with long or short hair, not too big, not too small, they had to be light as a feather on the ear, and of course, they had to have an adorable Pug peeking out somewhere, yet hiding in plain sight of a beautiful, everyday pair of earrings.

I think I met my challenge and checked all the boxes:
The comfortable size from top to bottom (including the hook) is 1 1/2” long, Actual circle diameter is 3/4”;
Clean, High Polished shine front and back; the back has my Maker’s Mark;
Sterling Shepherd’s Hook – can be changed to a Post or Lever Back upon request;
Available in Sterling Silver or Jeweler’s Brass


If you love Pug Puppies and wear longer earrings, then these are the Puppies for you.

Everything is completely the same as the shorter Puppy style, however, the size from top to bottom (including the hook) is 2” long
Available in Sterling Silver or Jeweler’s Brass

Alison G. not only has the most beautiful Black Pugs ever, but she also has lots of pieces from my Pug & Pug Puppy Collection. Here Alison is wearing the Puppy Earrings, Pug Pendant and Pug Bracelet all in Sterling. Even better than that, I had to show this photo of Alison & her handsome boy, Baci, after having won the coveted Best of Breed placement at a dog show in Las Vegas. I would like to think my jewelry played a part in Alison & Baci’s great win, but I think they did it on their own.

Alison G. - Vancouver, WA

Kim is wearing the Pug Puppy Earrings in Sterling. The earrings compliment Kim’s already beautiful smile.
“Beautiful, impeccably made, comfortable earrings that I will certainly enjoy and treasure for many years to come. Thanks again, Lezlie!”

Kim G. - Hummelstown, Pa.

Haley was gifted the Pug Puppy earrings in Sterling from a good friend of hers. Here she is after a few nice wins in the show ring with her Pug.
“The earrings arrived today. They are gorgeous. They brought us some good luck yesterday at the dog show in Orlando.”

Haley H. - Peachtree, Ga


This is a very contemporary and versatile way to show the love of the Pug breed and the adorable Pug Puppies. These adorable Pug Puppies dangle on the bottom of my hand-woven signature chain.

Available in Sterling or Jeweler’s Brass to match the hardware on your hoodie, handbag or backpack zippers
Top to Bottom – 1 1/2”
Large Matching Lobster Claw Clasp

Rosie has really good taste in Pugs, but look at how she accessorized her gorgeous Downey & Burke Handbag!

…look at my added PUG accessory on my favorite Dooney & Burke!!!

Rosie B. - Westport, MA


If you love Pug Puppies and stand alone beautiful statement jewelry, you have landed on the right page. I designed and hand-carved this adorable Pug Puppy and gave it very special care in it’s creation. I wanted this Puppy to have an exceptional home so it now lives on my delicate Hand-Woven Statement Chain. When you put this necklace on, you will know what I mean. The Sterling Necklace is so light and comfortable for everyday, you might never take it off.

Length of Chain – Customized to your length as requested …Popular Lengths are 18” or 20”
**Charm is approx. 3/4” in Diameter **Also available with Jeweler’s Brass Puppy Charm and a 14kt/20 Gold Filled handwoven chain

“Lezlie, I saved your necklace to open up today….. as hard as that was. I don’t like pictures of myself but here you go…. only for you…”. 

Ashley F. - Wilton, CT


I am always asked where I get my inspiration to keep creating meaningful pieces of jewelry. The answer is, “I search my heart.” Because nothing warms our hearts more than a puppy, puppies were the inspiration for my new Pug Puppy Collection. Since I studied the history of ancient jewelry, charm bracelets have lasted thru the ages and give personal meaning to our lives. Remember your Grandmother’s or Mom’s Charm Bracelets? Perhaps you had one as a kid like I did. I still have it.

** The Bracelet is so light and comfortable for everyday in whatever metal you choose, you might never take it off.
**Length of Chain – Customized to your size wrist…Average is 7”-7.5”
**Charm is approx 3/4” in Diameter


My Pug Puppy Charms can be added to any chain that I create. This very popular Sterling Petite Roses Bracelet was a custom request. This bracelet is so perfect because we absolutely love roses and puppies. The roses consist of a “mobius”. In this bracelet a “mobius” is 3 rings woven together to create a knot or a rosette. For me these 3 rings create a rose.

My jewelry is making it’s way around the world these days. I am happy this Petite Roses Bracelet with Pug Puppy Charm landed in beautiful Hawaii, and I love that Sarah chose “Roses & a Puppy” for design. (Don’t you just love her Pug Tat?) I met Sarah at the Pug National and can’t wait to see her again.

“It’s here. It finally arrived. I finally have a piece of Lezlie Caryn’s beautiful work! The petite roses bracelet with pug charm.”

Sarah W. - Kea’au, HI